Saturday, June 2, 2012


We just had the most successful morning while visiting a few garage sales. 

I was looking on 'free stuff' on craigslist last night (because you never know when you might find something cool) and decided to head over to garage sales. I entered our zip code and found a few ones that seemed good.

The first garage sale
 was very.... 'kid-friendly' and we (by we, I mean Stone) scored BIG TIME. 

Specifically in the car department:

THIS IS FULL OF CARS, total for cars and case: $2.00 
You see, its FULL. (not pictured, a bag with more)
Boys shirts, some new with tags: $2.00

Like-new cleats and crocs: $1.00

Baby/Toddler educational DVDs = $0.50 (actually, free)
 TOTAL at 1st Garage sale: $5.00

The second Garage sale

I made a friend, she was a little sweet lady named Dorris and her daughter was Dotty. She said I was the only person who looked at the crochet books all day long, she was so happy that I was looking she said I could take any of the books for free.

A ton of crochet books -free ($0.00) and 7 doily's: $1.25 
Full Size bed frame: $0.50
 When we were leaving I saw a free item, I gave her all the change I had left.

Not pictured is an afghan that she gave me me when I came back to pick up the bed frame;

TOTAL for second garage sale: $1.75

The third garage sale

was the most expensive, but full of furniture and in the end a few free throw ins.

3/4 sanded side table: $15.00

Children desks from the 1800's (my Mom's buy, she needs them for home schooling, lol): $30.00
Vintage kid sized desk (my Mom's buy, another homeschool): $20.00

 TOTAL for the third garage sale: $65.00

With everything added, we could have furnished a on one of those old HGTV shows! 

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