Thursday, May 31, 2012

iPad Cozy Time

I've worked on a few iPad cozy's (or purse if you don't have an iPad)

They are too cute, I love each one!

Coral and Aqua iPad cozy with a yellow butterfly

Ruffle iPad cozy

Pinks and Grey iPad and cover cozy 
I really enjoy making these. 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Crabby Cap

I made this a few days ago and forgot to put it up here, I loved making this! 

3 month Crabby Cap
Im so glad that I found Ravelry, I can find (ALMOST) anything I want to make!!

Woooot woot

Here's another OWL!

(my Mom says its her favorite)

0-3 month Owl-y

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Big Score!

We went thrifting for memorial day. I was asking one of the workers a question about a dresser as she went to get the answer, I looked down into her cart and I saw this!

closed latch was hard to figure out for a second

opened latch

It was only $3.99!!!!!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Inventory BOOST

More new beanies!!

Ill be doing my first time table at a craft fair! Ill be at the Vista Grande Community Center in the East Mountains thanks to the One Stop co-opp :)

Here are a few more beanie's that Ive whipped up in the last few days:

Pastel's Owl, newborn size

Pretty flowers Newsboy Cap, 9mo- toddler size

Fishy News boy cap, newborn size

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Up all night

I was up waaaaaay tooooo late finishing these, but it was worth it

Newsboy Cap - chunky yarn

Owl Beanie - baby weight yarn
And I made these last week:
Newborn Elephant Beanir

And made these during the weekend:

Saturday, May 12, 2012


I made this Elephant Beanie yesterday, it makes me happy just looking at it.

I didn't like the patters that I had seen for elephant ears and realized out of the blue that I could make them on my own as a spin off to a butterfly I had made a while back.

The ears are basically 2 butterfly wings.

Elephant Ears:
Make the magic circle and do 3 dc, then 4 tr. turn
Chain 4 and do 2 dc in each tr, slip stitch between, 2 hdc in each dc stitch from last row. turn.
Chain 1 and do *1 hdd in next 2 stitches, 2hcd in next* repeat until sl
Sl, Ch1 and do *1dc in next 2 stitches, 2dc in next* repeat until end. Sl and your done!

Blue Wall?
Pink Wall?
I couldn't decide which wall the beanies look best in front of?!

On a side note, we found a garage sale while on the way from mystery shopping a local burger joint (such fun, you feel like a private eye! lol)

Gingham rain coat and purple dress - 12 months
Total for our finds: $1.00

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wanna be Anthropologie knock off

We went 'strollin' yesterday, we ended up at Anthroplogie.

I am desperate to figure out how to DIY this headband:

$32.00 Anthropologie headband

It looks do-able, the inside is fabric and the back is almost like an elastic band similar to a hairband.

....I would've taken pics of it piece by piece, but I felt like they knew 'my plan' -Hahaha 

Another reason to diy it, is that its a little tight on my head....and I don't have a big head. Hmmm

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Today I made my first pair of earrings, using a small amount of yarn that I thrifted yesterday. They were wonderfully easy to work up, I started and finished them in one feeding, the starving baby girl. (Thank goodness for Boppy pillows!)

1st pair of earrings
I have added these earrings to the list of items that I will be obsessed with making

Thrifty Treasures from yesterday!

Chair, 2 sweaters, bag of yarn
This is the breakdown:

Green chair with paisley and flower fabric - $10.00
Pink cable knit sweater $0.50
Eddie Bauer cream cable knit vest $0.50
Bag FULL of yarn (no labels) $1.00

Green Paisley Chair
This chair was an exciting find! Im trying to find a label on it, but as of now it is a mystery.

Here's the back story:  We were dropping items off in the loading dock of our favorite local thrift store, The Animal Humane Society reTAIL store, when we noticed this wonderful chair sitting there! I rang the door bell twice and someone came to the door, they said as is they would sell us the chair for $10 or they would vacuum the chair and sell it for $25. I said we'll take it as is! They gave us a broom and i swept off some lint and dog hair, and loaded the pretty chair right up.

I LOVE IT!! It might be my favorite thrift store find so far :)

Monday, May 7, 2012


Today is my 3rd wedding anniversary, my husband is taking me on a thrift day to celebrate. We are making a list of things I want to up cycle before we head out the door, these are some of the items:

-bed sheet to make sh-arn
-lamp and planter basin/bowl to make a bird bath
-salt and pepper shakers
-embroidery hoops
-tin basin

and my normal thrift items:


Sunday, May 6, 2012

I haven't made anything new to share in the last few days, but this is what I have been obsessed with making lately.....

Hello iPad cozy!!!!!

Owl Cozy

Spring Flower Cozy

Antique Pink Cozy

The Ohio State Cozy

I am totally in love with making them, I have 2 more that need their finishing touches

Saturday, May 5, 2012

First time Blogging

Welcome to my blog.

This is some bed sheet yarn that I made out of a full size sheet that I purchased at the Animal Humane Society New Mexico's thrift store, its call reTAIL. Love the name. Too cute.

 Sheet + yarn = sh-arn? 
Sh-arn in Milky Salmon

Flower Doily made with Sh-arn

This is the unfinished flower doily that I made with the sh-arn
 (I will show the process with the next sheet that I turn into sh-arn).

This project is going to become something amazing and 100% up cycled. I will post pics soon.